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The hangover of Episode 6

By March 29, 2017July 16th, 20183 Comments

I write for Trail Runner Magazine every so often as ‘Trail Muse’. I think my way around a particular piece of trail, narrating my world internally, and return to the laptop to write about it. We all do this in some way, regardless of the depth in narrative, or actuality of penning a story in the aftermath. As is the case for Bass by Kayak, I filmed whilst doing, including extensive filming before and after, even now, 12 months after the expedition itself. The film series has at times been like having Turrets. I openly swear at myself on screen as I say something cryptic, or wanky, or not at all. I square up again with myself as I unpack the experience within my PhD ‘The Secret life of the Seakayaker’. I’ll be frank. My fat orange head, in need of a haircut and a good wash, is a little sick of itself. I’m still vaguely likable as myself to myself, continuing to raise a smile at some of the moments I encouraged, encountered or witnessed during Bass by Kayak. I still laugh at Dan and Matt, but that’s probably because I’m not them. The last few weeks are telling of my overdone ego. I’m celestially drawn to bed at 9:15 each night to read, a place where I get to be Batman, or a farmer, or both.

The reason I’m rambling now is to tell you that Episode 6 of Bass by Kayak is my favourite episode, mainly because it doesn’t exist. It will, and actually does exist in the form of a script and a shots list, but not as a clickable, commute watching, likable, sharing, thumbs up reality. When it does land, I hope to bring you an Avant-garde piece that reflects the all-at-sea Muse, metaphorically stitching together the key themes, ideas and weird Beauism’s that represent Bass by Kayak to me. It is/was an expedition after all that is far longer, more telling, and more complex than the 15 days it took to paddle from mainland Aus to Tassie.

In the meantime, Episode 5 gets you to Tassie my friends. Stay tuned for the oddball, hopefully insightful Episode 6 in the coming months…To whet your appetite for the final installment; I have a shave, a guy sings Johnny Cash, I chop wood, Dan and I get married and Matt (his partner) has a little Matt.

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  • Gary Falls says:

    Hey Beau,

    I live in Alabama, USA and am 66 years old. I mountain bike, trail run, whitewater kayak, sea kayak, and climb. I LOVE your videos dude, they are just awesome and inspire me to “go big or go home”.

    I have a question…

    Where can I get the sail system that you used in crossing Bass Strait ?

    Many thanks !

    Gary Falls

    • Bev Winters says:

      You and me both, Gary. One of my most serendipitous Facebook finds. I legitimately beam when a Beau post pops up in my feed 🙂

  • Steve Bews says:

    Hey Gary – try this search Trade Wind .80 Sail They are made in Sydney by Flat earth kayak Sails – around #390 AUD Hope that helps Cheers Bewsy