Beau's offbeat stories of adventure exemplify a curious view of the human condition.

A Mile an Hour 17:12

A different kind of marathon; running one lap an hour, for 24hrs, around my perfectly mile long block. The rest of the time I do as much as possible; making things, odd jobs, fixing stuff. It’s about running, doing, and thinking.

Africa by Kayak 48:04

In 2007, Beau Miles attempted to paddle the 4000kms from one side of Africa to the other. Battling huge surf, Beau only completed 2000kms, realising that his trip wasn’t about kilometres gained but rather the quality of the experience.

Junk Cabin 20:34

When COVID-19 locked me and my family down on the small farm, I decided to build my wife a cabin-office in the paddock without her knowing. Using whatever materials were on the property, Junk Cabin emerged.

A Tree a Minute 17:53

As there are 1440 minutes in a day, and I love planting trees, I decided to plant a tree a minute for 24 hours. Low and behold, planting that many mixed trees on muddy terrain, was one of the hardest and most rewarding days of my life.

Bad River 23:36

Sydney, Australia’s glamorous and famously pretty city, has the continent’s sickest urban river. So, in my little red kayak I decided to trace all 23km of the Cooks River. This is a journey of ill-health, sadness and hope.

Walk to Work 28:27

Setting off with no food, water or shelter, I walked 90km to work to see if a stripped back adventure could give me the kind of buzz that far away, exotic, heavily planned expeditions have given me over the years.

Trials of Miles 52:26

The 650k+ Australian Alps Walking Track maps my demise, highs, trips and flows, which is exactly what long range runners go in search of. It’s not about feeling great, it’s about feeling everything.

Run the Line 23:57

Overgrown, farmed, pushed out, sold off and only half there, I set off to re-trace an old train-line. Marathon in length, I follow my nose along a distinct yet subtle line that cuts and bends through lands I thought I knew.

Paddle to Work 33:36

I decided to continue experimenting between the lands and seas of home and work. This time by paddling. Following two rivers, one drain, one sea and one creek, it turns out that paddling to work, is bloody hard work.