Alps training grind

By February 1, 2011 August 29th, 2018 Trail Running, Trials of Miles

In any given day, you have to face your demons; when to run. If it’s first thing in the morning, the first 5 minutes of groggyness is a complete con. You have to gee-yourself into action. It’s a hard sell. Coffee, crap breakfast tv and a heaped bowl of museli is a better option and filling a water bladder- to slosh around on your back and head up a hill you’re run a million times.

From 10-4 the UV is nuts and not worth lacing up for, and the afternoon, well- you can always convince yourself to go in the morning. Not that I don’t like running. I love it. The daydreaming, the rythem, the prickle of air over sweaty limbs and the aftermath fatigue that makes you feel worthy of a few beers. Plus, it certainly takes you places.

But when its all for training- to be somewhere else, it is ripe with an expiry date. Flogging over well trodden terrain gets a bit much- especially when you run to see new things. Seasons are one thing, but back to back to back summer days, regardless of small varieties in route, still have you marvelling or bemused at the same stuff. This is my world right now in the lead up to the AAWT run. I love the existence, but like the running circuits I’ve done to death, I look forward to the track itself.

Not sure if the legs are ready, but my head is.

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