Trials of Miles

Beau Miles becomes the first person to run the 650k+ Australian Alps Walking Track from Canberra to Walhalla. One of the steepest and overgrown tracks in the country maps his demise, highs, trips and flows, which is exactly what long range runners go in search of. It’s not about feeling great, it’s about feeling everything.

Beau Miles laces up for a different kind of world first, running 650+km of the Australian Alpine Walking Track. Traversing through the highest peaks in Australia, Beau battles injury, fatigue and ultimately himself in his own personal Trial of Miles. Running long distance walking trails is a relatively new era of adventure to existential seekers today- no longer in search of new landscapes, but a new version of themselves, pitting themselves against distance and time. Beau comes to question how and why we drag ourselves and our families into such endeavours, and in the same breath knows that such experiences are the best place to conjure why we do anything.



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DAVID CUTHBERTSON with emerging indie artists

Mountains of thankyous to

Lianne Wright, Charlie Showers (& his family), Cheryl Mosely, Warren Mosley, The Miles Clan, Leslie & Wynn Shooter, Chris Ord, Patrick Kinsella, Simone Secor Campbell, Matt O'Keeffe, Justen O'Conner, Chris Zidanski, Alan McCubbin, Robert Barwell, Naima Madani, Matt Korinek and Sam Heyward.

Journal Entries

A couple of articles written about the film.

Trail Running

The simple life of the track

The simple life is over. Consider ultra running; the principle concerns of life are a broken down version of necessity. On any given day, the guiding forces of existence are; how the feet feel, how the body feels, how hydrated you are, how your fuel supply is, where you are…
Trail Running

Continuing AAWT washup

Today marks three weeks since I left the track. Flatly, I miss it. I still remember the lost trails, jungle thick re-growth, a shin twice as large as its opposite, driving rain, dusty heat- like yesterday. But it's waning, the vivid livingness of it - both good and bad. I…

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