“Not a superhuman, but a raw, human, human. He builds things, maintains things, connects easily and wholesomely with others, creates grand dreams and makes them a reality; not only through his execution but the filming and sharing of them with the world, for free…”

Peter Mozuraitis

‘… love your films, inspired by your adventures, I get the giggles from your wit – you are a wise guy and I dig it…’


‘… the pure articulation of life and passion of doing that Mr Miles has is extraordinary and inspiring. Taking the simple and making it seem like it’s own adventure is a reflection of life and possibly why this is, hands down, my favourite YouTube channel.’


‘On one hand he is a charming adventurer, on the other hand he is a certified nut-case. There should be more like him.’

Nicholas Janosy
Book front cover

‘This man is such a good story teller, we are all here voluntarily watching him eat cold beans over and over again.’


“The ease with which this guy jumps over fences. Makes me doubt their functionality.”


‘The films that come out of this channel are absolutely beautiful (Beau-tiful). They completely display the joy of making stuff and adventuring.’

Jamie Kemp

“’It’s… a bit of fun’ he says, about to embark on a pointless, bizarre adventure. This is the attitude I want in my life.”


‘Honestly I think if everyone lived even a bit like Beau this world would be a better place.’


Here's all the places you can get hands, ears and eyes on this ripping good yarn.

Paperback (Aus/NZ)

All the typos, weirdness and goodness in your hands.

Paperback (Overseas)

This is basically an Australian dictionary.


Listen to what caffeine and caramel slice sound like.


All the goodness of paper without the paper.
A bit about the book

YouTuber, new dad, and self-described oddball who needs to shower more, Beau is what happens when you cross Bear Grylls with Casey Neistat.

After years of adventuring around the globe – running, kayaking, hitchhiking, exploring – Beau Miles came back to his block in country Victoria. Staying put for the first time in years, Beau developed a new kind of lifestyle as the Backyard Adventurer. Whether it was walking 90 km to work with no provisions, building a canoe paddle out of scavenged scrap or running a disused railway line through properties, blackberry thickets and past inquiring police officers, Beau has been finding ways to satisfy his adventurous spirit close to home.

The Backyard Adventurer is about conscious experimentation with adventure, filled with new ideas on experimental learning, making meaning and inspiration out of tins of beans, bits of rubbish and elbow grease. This is one man’s unique take on the world, how to go about life, and redefines and challenges what it means to go adventuring.

The Backyard Adventurer Q&A

Films in the book

Watch the films from the book.

Paddle to Work

Following two rivers, one drain, one sea and one creek, it turns out that paddling to work, which ends up being mostly a drag, over four full days, is bloody hard work.

Walking 90km to work

Setting off with no food, water or shelter, I walked 90km to work to see if a stripped back adventure could give me the same kind of buzz that a far away, exotic, heavily planned expeditions normally do.

Big Gums

This is the story of spending a night in a big old gumtree. Strapped to three builders planks- one of which had a large crack that I thought was spilled paint, I slept with one eye open, which was pleasant because I could see the view.

The Human Bean

Inspired by a half-page scene in John Steinbeck's Tortilla Flat, where a family of poor, super healthy kids eat an almost exclusive bean diet, Beau decides to do much the same thing.

Run the Line

Overgrown, farmed, pushed out, sold off and only half there, Beau Miles aims to re-run the old Warragul-Noojee Railway line, which snaked for 42km through the foothills of Mt.Baw Baw, and ran from 1892-1954.

Junk Office

This is the story of spending a night in a big old gumtree. Strapped to three builders planks- one of which had a large crack that I thought was spilled paint, I slept with one eye open, which was pleasant because I could see the view.

Junk Paddle

I hate waste. You can buy a paddle, or buy wood to make a paddle, but what about making one from junk? Collecting junk wood found between my train station and my office, this is the story of a junk-made-paddle.

A Mile an Hour

A different kind of marathon; running one lap an hour for 24hrs around my perfectly mile long block. The rest of the time I do as much as possible; making things, odd jobs, fixing stuff. It's about running, doing, and thinking- the potentials of single day.

Trials of Miles

Beau laces up for a different kind of world first, running 650+km of the Australian Alpine Walking Track. Traversing through some of the highest peaks in Australia, Beau battles injury, fatigue and ultimately himself in his personal Trial of Miles.

Africa by Kayak

In 2007, Beau attempted to paddle 4000kms from one side of Africa to the other. Starting in Mozambique, he continued along the Southern African coast, allowing five months to complete the voyage. Battling surf, deep sea swell, and too many days waiting for the wind, Beau only completed 2000kms of the original plan.

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