Beau Miles loves a yarn and some people think he's ok at it.

Funny, Authentic, Insightful, Badly Dressed.

Beau is a YouTuber, outdoor type, maker of things, lover of licorice, and a general do-er of weird and wonderful things. Ultimately, he’s curious. And, he satisfies his curiosity by undertaking both immense adventures and ones closer to home. He just released his oddball book, ‘The Backyard Adventurer’ which is one man’s unique take on the world, how to go about life, and redefines and challenges what it means to go adventuring.

Booking a Talk or Lecture

Beau is a highly sought-after public speaker. Quirky anecdotes and musings on a wide range of topics include beans, running, kayaking, odd socks, building, golf ball hunting, using other people’s junk, wood and trees. At the core of all this is human affability, humour and broad ways to think and act. Beau is regularly asked to appear at events all over the world which is a great honour, however, time becomes precious when juggling filmmaking, adventuring, Dad-ing and writing.