A signed and personalised copy of The Backyard Adventurer


Inside the front cover you will find Beau’s signature and a short personal note to you (or your mate if this is a gift) based on the information you give at the checkout.

Please keep in mind that Beau is likely to be adventuring and filmmaking, so a speedy turnaround time is not always possible.  Shipping may take up to 6 weeks.

Additional shipping costs in line with Australia Post:
Within Australia = $10 AUD
Anywhere else in the world = $25 AUD

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Beau is known for making something out of nothing.  At the checkout, drop a line or two of information and Beau will be sure to craft a great personal message out of it.  He gets lots of requests… often looking a little something like this:

‘Great Aunt Betty is attempting to walk 85 laps of her block next month. Any words of encouragement would be appreciated’

‘Our son Brian is graduating from university at the end of the year and is eating his bodyweight in beans to celebrate.  Tell him he’s mad’

‘My best friend Bernice is a superfan and would be happy with any message you can think of – the more Beauisms, the better’

‘My name is Bruce and I dig your work. Just a fan who gets inspired by your adventures’

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