Award winning filmmaker, poly-jobist, speaker, writer, odd.

When paddling across Bass Strait in a sea kayak, Beau Miles was voted 5th worst dressed in a party of 5. Being offbeat and NQR speaks volumes about how Beau goes about life and represents himself to the world, believing wholeheartedly that we’re all weird. With a PhD in Outdoor Education, a string of successful short films under his belt, Beau’s exploits are funny, authentic, insightful and being copied all over the world.

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Come along to Jindivick (an hour east of Melbourne) and watch Beau Miles film projects before they're released on YouTube.

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A few of Beau's most popular uploads to YouTube

With a string of successful short films under his belt, Beau has become known for his offbeat candour, authentic insight, vibrant sense of wonder and willingness to eat anything off the side of the road.

Junk Cabin

When COVID-19 locked me and my family down on the small farm, I decided to build my wife a cabin-office in the paddock without her knowing.

The Human Bean

Inspired by a half-page scene in John Steinbeck's Tortilla Flat, where a family of poor, super healthy kids eat an almost exclusive bean diet, Beau decides to do much the same thing.

Run the Line

Overgrown, farmed, pushed out, sold off and only half there, Beau Miles aims to re-run the old Warragul-Noojee Railway line, which snaked for 42km through the foothills of Mt.Baw Baw, and ran from 1892-1954.

A Mile an Hour

A different kind of marathon; running one lap an hour for 24hrs around my perfectly mile long block. The rest of the time I do as much as possible; making things, odd jobs, fixing stuff. It's about running, doing, and thinking- the potentials of single day.

Beau's first book is about meaningful and pointless expeditions, self experiments and the value of other peoples junk.

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