Future adventures and quirky projects

Big Gums



My Dad, artist-truckie


My Dad, like yours, is one a kind; interstate truck driver that's also a lifelong, well known artist. He has driven a truck for 50 years to supplement his hand-to-mouth artists life. There's a lot I've learnt from Dad as an observer of life, and so to connect the dots between filmmaker-outdoorsy-son, to artist-trucker-father, this film projects is about how we often mirror the mentors in our life, even in different ways. It's also to take a few more truck trips with Dad as he winds down on interstate driving, to talk about the world, art and politics, backdropped by Australian landscape at 95k an hour.

Gary and Beau Miles eat lunch

The Commute Project


Conceptualized as a documentary series (4 x 22 minute episodes), this project looks at the sense of adventure that might be felt in the space between home and work. The film series in currently in production and is expected to be completed during 2020.

Beau Miles resting in the mud

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