The Green Paddle

Over two months in the summer of 2003, a 23-year-old Beau paddled his kayak, solo, around three major island chains off Australia’s southern coast. Relatively inexperienced in open water, moments of near capsizing, being washed off rocks, sleeping in abandoned homesteads and traveling up to 40km a day becomes just as much about personal discovery as the destination.

Duration: 34min
Release: 2005


Head west young man! Setting off in a brown car with a yellow kayak on the roof, boxes of stuff, dressing gown, op-shot shirts, and a postal tube full of maps, the film shows a genuinely naive young man leave mainland Australia to paddle through three island archipelagos off Australia's southern coast. He burns his tongue, paddles the largest swell of his life, and learns a thing or two about himself, and sea kayaking. This was Beau's first real attempt at filmmaking and screened in the U.S on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN).

Reel Rural Film Festival

Winner of Best Film (Open) for 2004

Production Team

Directed, Filmed and Produced by


Assistant Director


Original Edit by


Music and Sound Production by


Additional Footage


Special thanks to

Rob Milne, Kristy Gilligan, Matt Percy, Eric Farmer, Kay Smith, Adele Pile, Beth Hammond, Terry Then, Briohny Cave, Butch Phillips, Alistair Young, Clinton Field, Ray White, Kim Zonneveld, and the Miles, Mosley and Cooke Family's.

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