Junk Projects

This series is about making something out of nothing, or animating big things out of small things, turning someone else’s junk into resplendent, beautiful, practical things.


Junk Cabin

When COVID-19 locked me and my family down on the small farm, I decided to build my wife a cabin-office in the paddock without her knowing.

Junk Wine

Drinking a bottle of wine I found on the side of the road (in a pile of rubbish), I accept a challenge from a YouTube subscriber to tell stories while sitting in the middle of a field.

Junk Office

This is the story of spending a night in a big old gumtree. Strapped to three builders planks- one of which had a large crack that I thought was spilled paint, I slept with one eye open, which was pleasant because I could see the view.

Junk Paddle

I hate waste. You can buy a paddle, or buy wood to make a paddle, but what about making one from junk? Collecting junk wood found between my train station and my office, this is the story of a junk-made-paddle.

The Series

I hate waste. That is, I don’t throw stuff out when it needs a new part. It is, I’ll admit, a horrible type of affliction, especially when my daily commute weaves through suburbs during hard-rubbish collection. In later life, I fear I’ll become one of those grubby hoarders, living amongst everyone else’s junk. But for now, I’m vaguely hygienic, keeping check on the size of the pile.


We expect this series to be ongoing on YouTube, as I've got a number of Junk Projects in the pipeline. So keep an eye out!

Journal Entries

A couple of articles written about the film series.

Beau Miles Junk Paddle

Making a Junk Paddle

Placing mum on the nature strip when she needed a new hip was well down the list of options. First, naturally, would be a new hip; second was spending the next 40 years living in waist-deep water, and third was to take up a drinking problem. The last option was…

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